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SC21 Medical Center in Bangkok - by StemCells21

By becoming a patient at SC21 Medical you gain access to 21st century modern approaches to medicine, performed in a 5* luxury setting. Our multi-national specialist team are ready to welcome all new patients and support them in their journey to longevity.

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SC21 Medical Centre in Bangkok

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With Over 10 Years Experience

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State-of-the-Art Luxury Facilities

SC21 Stem Cell Banking

Invest In Your Future
Bank Your Cells

Bank your Stem Cells now to secure your opportunity for potential treatments in the future. If you have missed out on banking your child’s cord cells, this is another opportunity to store your cells and safeguard your future.

Featured Treatments

We provide a range of treatment programs which are personalized to the needs of the individual patient. After review of our patients medical history and a consultation is performed by one of our Medical Doctors, a treatment plan will be designed outlining the advised treatments and expected therapeutic outcomes. If you are seeking treatment for a specific condition not listed on our site, please do contact us as we have a vast history in treating less mainstream conditions which we have not featured on this site. 

The majority of our patients suffer from one of the following conditions. 

For each, we have developed proven, targeted treatments that deliver replicable outcomes.