Degenerative Spine Treatment

One of the more unfortunate aspects of aging is that your joints begin to wear out, often for no good reason. This wear and tear of the joints is not only common in the knees and the hips but also in the spine.

The exact reason why the joints of the spine begin to wear out is not known and may be a combination of factors, such as excessive weight,  improper use, having a family history of spine problems or having an injury to the spine. This wear and tear is a form of arthritis, which is where the cartilage in the spine joints begins to wear out. Regardless of the cause, it is well known that arthritis of the spine often increases with age for no reason that can be identified

Degenerative spine conditions involve the gradual loss of normal structure and function of the spine over time. Pressure on the spinal cord and nerve roots caused by degeneration can be caused by:

  • Slipped or herniated discs
  • Spinal stenosis, or narrowing of the spinal canal
  • Osteoarthritis, or breakdown of the cartilage at the spinal joints
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Standard treatment approaches may include occupational therapy, physical therapy, or both, special exercises, long term use of medications, losing weight, and surgery. Mainstream medical options include injecting the joints next to the damaged disc with steroids and a local anesthetic. These are called facet joint injections.

The general approach is to medicate to reduce pain until the point surgery is a must.

Regenerative Medicine Offers a Different Approach: by triggering regeneration of tissues including cartilage, bone, muscles.

  • Pain that is worse when sitting. While seated, the discs of the lower back have three times more load on them than when standing.
  • Pain that gets worse when bending, lifting or twisting.
  • Feeling better while walking or even running than while sitting or standing for long periods of time.
  • Feeling better changing positions often or lying down.
  • Periods of severe pain that come and go. These last from a few days to a few months before getting better. They can range from nagging pain to disabling pain. Pain can affect the low back, buttocks and thighs or the neck, depending on where the affected disc is, radiating to the arms and hands.
  • Numbness and tingling in the extremities.
  • Weakness in the leg muscles or foot drop, a possible sign of damage to the nerve root.

SC21 Degenerative Spine Treatments

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Our approach for degenerative spine and chronic back pain treatment, centers on the targeted administration of of regenerative cells. 

Once administered, the cells will stimulate the regeneration of old or damaged bone and cartilage cells, and contribute to overall bone, joint, and cartilage health.

Properly administered cells can provide multiple benefits for spinal degeneration. They can:

  • Migrate to the site of injury.
  • Transform into new bone and cartilage.
  • Communicate with, and alter, nearby cells.
  • Encourage existing damaged cells to self-repair.
  • Regulate the immune system, and reduce inflammation.
  • Increase production of synovial fluid and join lubrication.


Our approach has produced partial or significant improvement to all of our patients’ conditions in a relatively short period of time. Depending on the stage of each patient’s condition, our approach has produced results either almost immediately, or within the first few months following treatment. For even the most challenging cases, we have produced improvement within six months of initial treatment.

Duration: 3 or 5 day package

Price: from $11,750 USD


  • Free consultation and Anti-aging Treatment Plan
  • Comprehensive Health Assessment
  • SC Treatment (30, 50, 100, or 200 million)
  • Daily personalized supportive therapies
  • Take home SC booster set
  • Reduce chronic inflammation
  • Reduce chronic pain levels
  • Improve joint mobility
  • Cartilage regeneration
  • Joint lubrication
  • Muscle and Bone health 

Supportive Treatments for OA

Personalised Injection Program IV and Local to Regions of the Spine

IV + Local Ozone, IV Nutrition, Amino-acids, and Enzymes

IV, Interstitial, Region of Interest and Whole Body Laser Therapy

Cartilage Growth Factors and Cell Boosting Biologic injections.