Stem Cell Banking

Store Your Stem Cells

At the SC21 lab we provide access to new born and adult stem cell banking.  

Stem cells are unspecialised cells that have the potential to multiply and grow into many different types of cells throughout the body, from bone to muscle to neuron and beyond. By extracting and freezing cells as young as possible from your own body, and banking them, you essentially safe guard your future.

When your health starts to decline or ageing becomes an issue, you have an answer.

If you start suffering from arthritis, for example, in the future your stored stem cells could be inserted into your joints so healthy cells will multiply and take over, theoretically eliminating your pain. This scenario could be looked at in many conditions.

Types of Stem Cells Banked

What We Provide:

Stem Cell Banking – performed under strict international standards

Mesenchymal Stem Cell banking

Prices starting from: $3200 USD
Mesenchymal Stem Cell Banking
  • Isolation of MSCs (adipose, bone marrow, umbilical or placenta)
  • Culture and expansion of MSCs
  • Characterisation of cells (COA issued)
  • Cryogenic freezing & storage of MSCs

Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell Banking

Price: $19,500 USD
Induced Pluritpoent Stem Cell Banking
  • Generation of iPSC from skin sample
  • Culture and stabilisation of iPSC lines
  • Characterisation and Genetic Stability
  • Cryogenic freezing & storage of iPSCs