Chronic Disease

Treatment Options for Various Conditions

At SC21 Medical Centre, we provide a range of cutting edge therapies combined into an integrative disease treatment plan. We target a number of key area’s such as chronic inflammation, tissue stimulation, repair mechanisms, and the body microenvironment. When synergistically targeting these area’s, we see real therapeutic outcomes for our patients.

We provide a number of treatment packages in our chronic disease and degenerative disease programs, based on the number of therapies, duration of program, and frequency of follow up.

Chronic diseases are the leading causes of death and disability worldwide. Disease rates from these conditions are accelerating globally, advancing across every region and pervading all socioeconomic classes.

We offer a free service for review of medical history and initial consultation.

What We Provide:

Prices starting from: $19,500 USD+
Duration: 3 to 5 days
  • Free consultation & treatment planning
  • Health check up and base line assessment
  • SC21 program: 3 to 5 day 
  • Daily personalised supportive therapy program
  • Take home personalised treatment booster course
  • Take home compounded nutrition pack
  • Improve the Bodies Microenvironment
  • Immune Modulation – Reduce Chronic Inflammation
  • Support Cellular Health
  • Encourage Repair & Regeneration
  • Support Energy Production
  • Boost Nutrition Levels
  • Reduce Rate of Progression
  • Improve Quality of Life & Mobility

Supportive Treatments for Chronic Disease:

Personalised Injection Program IV and Local (target area).

IV + Local Ozone, IV Nutrition, Amino-acids, and Enzymes.

IV and target area Low Level Laser Bio-photon therapy.

Physiotherapy, Shockwave, Ultrasound, EMS, and Inversion.

Most Commonly Treated:

SC21 treatment programs for chronic disease are designed on an integrative approach. We combine a carefully selected group of treatments which act in a synergistic manner to tackle chronic disease at its root cause.